Born of a lifelong love of skincare


kelly searle

My love of skin care began at an early age while watching my grandmother’s nightly beauty ritual and I’ll never forget this special time with her. I remember the beautiful aroma of her face cream and the way she showed me how to correctly apply the cream in upward strokes, gently patting around the delicate eye area.

I developed a passion for anti-ageing skin care
as I approached my forties, immersing myself in the latest research
about healthy skin barrier function and the most effective anti-ageing actives.

My studies in aromatherapy and massage initially sparked my interest in the benefits of plant oils. Oils are more easily absorbed into the lipid barrier of the skin than water-containing substances and don’t require preservatives or emulsifiers, which may irritate skin. Pure plant oils, while offering their own powerful benefits, are an effective way to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. I wanted a face oil with the potency of a serum, incorporating only clean, cruelty-free and luxurious ingredients that delivered real results and were pleasurable to use.



Surveying the skincare market, I found that most natural face oil formulas did not include active ingredients and often used very cheap base oils. When products did include active ingredients, the quantities were too small to be effective and often contained toxic chemicals. I also found that many face oils left a greasy residue on the skin. So, I started researching plant oils and anti-ageing actives with the goal of creating a formula just for personal use. I made it my mission to discover the highest quality, nutrient-dense oils to use as a base and to develop the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids to support healthy skin barrier function. I incorporated selected botanicals and laboratory-formulated anti-ageing actives at optimal levels for maximum efficacy. I chose ethical, toxic-free ingredients that work synergistically to protect, repair and keep skin looking its best. My formula had to meet the following criteria:

  • be cruelty free and formulated without harmful chemicals or cheap filler ingredients

  • provide the functionality and potency of a serum in a lipid-soluble medium to effectively address visible signs of ageing

  • be based on the highest quality, nutrient-dense plant oils with an optimal ratio of essential fatty acids

  • offer high-performing and naturally derived, laboratory-formulated actives at optimal levels for maximum efficacy

  • penetrate easily without clogging pores and provide a beautiful, silky skin feel

  • be suitable for dry, oily and combination skin and have superior anti-inflammatory properties to calm troubled skin

  • include a blend of pure essential oils, which are renowned for their uplifting and calming effect on the mind, to complement the skin-balancing properties of the formula and give it a beautiful, subtle aroma.

Over time I noticed that fine lines had softened and I no longer had areas of dryness, redness or inflammation. My formula also had a wonderful balancing effect on my skin, and even my oily t-zone was not as oily. My daily beauty ritual had always been a time for me to re-centre my mind and focus on looking after myself, and incorporating such a gorgeous, high-quality facial oil into my self-care routine became a daily luxury I looked forward to. I began receiving compliments about how refreshed and radiant my skin looked, so I gave out samples of my oil and was overwhelmed with requests for more. I decided it was time to share my creation and launched my brand, Ella Searle, named in honour of my grandmother, who taught me the importance of looking after my skin and who had the most radiant skin I’ve ever seen.

kelly searle